Yesterday's Magazette


I love your websites. A lot of super writing going on there.

JB Hamilton Queen


You have done your usual careful and professional job of editing; it’s a delightful read. I have to admit I’m jealous of your internet capabilities.

Ruth Brookshire, Weeds Corner


Yesterday’s Magazette: It’s fun and classy.

Marjorie North, columnist for Sarasota Herald-Tribune


Yesterday’s Magazette is a great idea. I enjoyed reading it. I signed up for a free email subscription.
Keep up the good work. If interested, I might have some stories that could be added. I like the format because it reaches out to the people.

Joe Vojt


Wonderful to read your heart-tugging Christmas story of Sad John. You caught and held me from the first sentence, made me feel the warmth of your protagonist.

Nadja Bernitt


The mag looks great – very professional.

Jim Bush (Editor/Laurels Magazine, WV)


I think it is great that you’ve resurrected your magazine.

Cindy Maciejunes (OH)


Congratulations! Glad to see you are back! Best of Luck!

Barbara Crowley


Always enjoyed your magazine. I will be contacting some other previous readers to let them know you are online and interested in submissions.

Best Wishes,

McClaren Davies


A charming website. Love the template, colors used and the window picture. I enjoyed Madonna Christensen’s autograph book article and I very much liked Carrillee Collins Burke’s writing as well as Ned Burke’s article. The birthday cake story is tender.
This YM website deserves a lot of readers. Thanks.

G. Davis


Checking out the new site. It looks great, Ned. Glad to see YM back in business.

M. Christensen



A sampling of the many unsolicited testimonial letters YM received.


We received a copy of Yesterday’s Magazette and I cannot tell you when I was so delighted with a publication.

C. K. Riggs, Rollins College, 1982
I find the entire issue most enjoyable. You certainly have a mighty good idea there. Good luck with it and I hope it prospers. – W. Sayers, MD, 1982
Thank you for Yesterday’s Magazette! I truly enjoy reading it! – C. Chipkin, NY, 1983
Your Magazette brings back so many lovely memories. I’m not very good at writing but I just had to tell you how much I love reading YM! – D. Delaney, MA, 1984
As I read through each issue of YM, I find the honesty of the stories and articles – and even the comments from your readers – to be quite refreshing. – L. Lauren, NJ, 1985
I also believe in your motto that “Everyone Has A Yesterday”. It is among the strongest truisms of them all. You should be congratulated for preserving our memories. – J. Coulburn, FL, 1986
It’s a pleasure to see YM growing by leaps and bounds. I really enjoy reading everyone’s memories. Thanks to you! – M. Baender, CA, 1987
I have watched your magazine grow from. a tabloid-type to the lovely magazine . I am behind you 100%! Our children need these memories. – S. Faber, SC, 1988
I ran across some of your earlier Magazettes and must say: “You’ve come a long way, baby.” Your publication is beautiful, inside and out! – I. Bullard, AZ, 1989
After receiving just one issue of Yesterday’s Magazette, I am hooked! – Jack Auatin, GA, 1990
I enjoy your magazine and thank you for keeping our memories alive. – M. Sowell, AR, 1991
Your Magazette is truly a unique magazine. Very clever and interesting format. – E. Schulz, CA. 1992
Yesterday’s Magazette is one of my favorites. I look forward to each issue! – A. Champeau, OK 1993
I read YM not once, but several times. A truly great magazine! – J. George, England 1996
You have done a wonderful job with YM. Hope the years ahead will be full of good and rewarding things for you. – J. Werner, WI, 1997


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  1. Ned:

    The site looks better every time I look at it. I have a suggestion for you to think about. How about a Photo Album section that is all vintage photos with a caption for each. I was looking through old photos today and I have some beauties.

    Comment by Madonna — December 7, 2007 @ 1:10 pm | Reply

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