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ymstaff2009It seems that whenever I figure out a way to make ends meet, some wise guy moves the ends. You see, when I was young, I always had this dream of making “BIG” money some day. I guess we all have had that dream, huh? But I did something about it. I went into the printing business a few years ago because a friend told me there was BIG money to be made in that field.

Sure enough, soon after buying a press and other equipment, I, too, began making BIG money … mine, unfortunately, was a quarter of an inch too big!

(I’m just kidding … so don’t rat on me to the IRS about this.)

The point (Is there one?) is that, as a kid, I always had big, imaginative dreams of how good life was going to be once I became a mature adult. Now that I am a very mature adult, it seems my biggest and most imaginative dreams center around those days when I dreamed of these days. Strange, isn’t it?

Right now, for instance, I am remembering the smell of tall, dry grass and how it tickled the back of my neck as my friend and I rested on that green Pennsylvania hillside many years ago. His name was Johnny, but we kids called him “Soupy” because he habitually apppeared to have tomato soup stains on the front of all his shirts.

But this never bothered Soupy. In fact, as I look back, nothing ever seemed to bother Soupy. He would be content to listen lazily to me going on and on about my big dreams of one day becoming a rich and famous writer, traveling around the world. When I asked what he wanted to be, he just bit into a blade of grass, looked up at the sky and mumbled: “Ah, I’d like to drive the city’s new garbage truck.”

There are times now that I envy Soupy and that “driving” ambition and curiosity of his. Back then, however, I felt that the only way my boyhood chum would ever get up in the world would be if he took an airplane ride. As it turned out, Soupy did work for the city. The last I heard, he was re-elected as a city commissioner for the third time. Who can figure?

As for me, I did become a writer of sorts. Not rich. Not famous. And I never did get to travel all that much. I did, however, put one of my dreams into reality — and that dream is this publication.

YM has proven to be not only my own personal “therapist” but a healing, caring listener for thousands of readers over the years. By venting your personal memories in print, you too can experience this unique emotional experience. It is the personal, one-to-one relationship of writer and reader that makes YM such a rarity.

And, like I said, it’s good for your health. So give it a try.


I wanted to tell you that you certainly did a fine job in printing my article. Not one error in it!  Thank you so much for publishing my work.

Glenda Barrett


The format of your magazine is so elegantly designed (rivaling many of the print magazines in its layout) that it’s a joy to be part of your publishing history. Thank you for the chance out to the masses.

Richard Ong

Scarborough, ON, Canada


Thanks for a great online magazine.

Daniel Johnson


Tears are still running down my cheeks after reading “Jimmy Was No Saint.”

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

Marion Tickner


I grew up with Marion.  She always had a great imagination and even then was writing.  I enjoy reading some of her work and am proud that she has had it published in your magazine

Mary G. Armstrong


Ned, I’m so glad to see that YM is back! Many years ago, you printed one of my stories about tossing cans into a neighbor’s yard. I was thrilled to see it in print…and I’ve gone on to become a freelance writer since then, and make a huge move to the hinterlands (Minnesota)!

I’m glad to have found YM again!

Natalie Miller Rotunda


I am proud that you will be able to use one of my stories.  Thank you for reading and accepting my work.

Glenda Barrett


HI… a writer friend of mine sent me the address site for Yesterday’s Magazette…and he said he was sure I would enjoy it…and I am … and will even more. There is a LOT to enjoy…and I plan to. You are a very busy man … I look forward to doing more checking out of your other links. I also plan to submit a story or two to YM and maybe include some photos. That would be fun.

Mary Tracy  (Appleton WI)


I loved the voice and the magical feel of the “Dog Days of Summer” story.  Although her brother was cured medically I thoroughly believed in the story’s power too.


N. Bernitt


You have done your usual careful and professional job of editing; it’s a delightful read. I have to admit I’m jealous of your internet capabilities.

Ruth Brookshire, Weeds Corner


Yesterday’s Magazette: It’s fun and classy.

Marjorie North

Society Editor for Sarasota Herald-Tribune


Yesterday’s Magazette is a great idea. I enjoyed reading it. I signed up for a free e-mail subscription.  Keep up the good work. I like the format because it reaches out to the people.

Joe Vojt


The mag looks great – very professional.

Jim Bush

(Editor/Laurels Magazine WV)


This YM website deserves a lot of readers. Thanks.

G. Davis


Wonderful to read your heart-tugging story of Sad John. You caught and held me from the first sentence, made me feel the warmth of your protagonist.

Nadja Bernitt


Always enjoyed your magazine. I will be contacting some other previous readers to let them know you are online and interested in submissions.

McClaren Davies



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