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Thank you for publishing my two stories in your final fabulous issue of Yesterday’s Magazette. Just read the digital copy and plan to order your glossy edition to add to my collection and give as gifts to my children. Congratulations, Mr. Burke, for preserving decades of precious memories for generations to come. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement.

Colette Sasina


Many people are saddened at your retiring. Thank you for all of the years of good memories! Capturing memories is a a very noble endeavor, indeed!

Jean Johnson


Because of your encouragement I have the beginning part of a novel being read by an editor at CBC in Toronto and a one-act play in the Playwright’s Cabaret coming up at the Grand Theatre in London,   Ontario at the end of January 2013.  So many thanks to you!!!

Kathleen Brammall


Thanks. Hey, If I had the time, I could sit here all day & read your quotes. will sometime. I have one for you, “Trust in God & Ned Burke, too.”



Thank you, Ned! I’m thankful for you and all that you bring to writers dedicated to the writing life.



Thanks, Ned, for the downloads.  God Bless.

Sara Baker


The final edition of Yesterday’s Magazette is truly the end of a really great era. But the memories will be with us forever! Your flagship publication has, time and again, proven to be instrumental in the making of numerous writing careers. You have given hope to countless people over the years to showcase their literary talents and provided guidance to budding writers hoping to break into this tough market – THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND TO THE STAFF OF YM AN E.P. PUBLISHING FOR THOSE PRECIOUS MOMENTS. Yesterday’s Magazette has definitely made a significant difference to my writing career and this magnificent publication will forever be remembered, as it deserves to be.

Richard Ong


I’m so sorry you won’t be doing the Magazettes anymore. Thank you for all of your help. You did a fantastic job and many a memory will be saved for future generations! All the best for your future endeavors. We will miss you!

Linda Lehmann Masek


Sad to see YM leave. I was happy to be a small part of it and wished I had the time to contribute more, especially the last edition. Your readers I am certain will fill the void and I’m sure you have heard from a multitude of them. Thanks for the digital books and all the links you’ve provided. All the best.

Dan Johnson


I did order copies of Holiday Memories to give as door prizes at the Suncoast Writers Guild holiday party.

Ann Favreau


Thank you and good luck.

T. Feigin


Hip-Hip-Hooray to you, a kind and generous editor for providing space to so many writers in your Yesterday’s Magazette. Receiving an e-mail from you: “Congratulations” (printed in red) felt like awakening on Christmas morning with joy in my heart.

Ingeborg Knight


Good luck in whatever you do. YM has always been a great place for super memories.

Larmry Bloes


Vol. 40 – Copyright © Yesterday’s Magazette – 2013


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