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HI… a writer friend of mine sent me the address site for Yesterday’s Magazette…and he said he was sure I would enjoy it…and I am … and will even more. There is a LOT to enjoy…and I plan to. You are a very busy man … I look forward to doing more checking out of your other links. I also plan to submit a story or two to YM and maybe include some photos. That would be fun.

Mary Tracy (Appleton WI)

I loved the voice and the magical feel of the “Dog Days of Summer” story. Although her brother was cured medically I thoroughly believed in the story’s power too.


N. Bernitt

I love YM’s new look. The aged and torn pages give a warm and fuzzy feel, remindful of a cherished book.

J. B. Hamilton Queen

You have done your usual careful and professional job of editing; it’s a delightful read. I have to admit I’m jealous of your internet capabilities.

Ruth Brookshire, Weeds Corner

Yesterday’s Magazette: It’s fun and classy.

Marjorie North, Society Editor for Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Yesterday’s Magazette is a great idea. I enjoyed reading it. I signed up for a free e-mail subscription. Keep up the good work. I like the format because it reaches out to the people.

Joe Vojt

The mag looks great – very professional.

Jim Bush (Editor/Laurels Magazine WV)

This YM website deserves a lot of readers. Thanks.

G. Davis

Wonderful to read your heart-tugging story of Sad John. You caught and held me from the first sentence, made me feel the warmth of your protagonist.

Nadja Bernitt

Always enjoyed your magazine. I will be contacting some other previous readers to let them know you are online and interested in submissions.

McClaren Davies


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