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10 – My Most Unforgettable Christmas

My Most Unforgettable Christmas

By Aileen Kunkel

I was certain my heart would burst with pleasure the Christmas I was six. First I was in the Christmas play; then it snowed, which meant we would go to the school play in the sleigh.

On stage that night I felt like I was the most important person alive.

The presents were passed out and I got the teddy bear I had asked God for in all my prayers all year long. There was also a bag of candy and nuts for every kid there.

I couldn’t sleep that night for thinking of the trip we were going to take the next day.

Next morning, after chores were done and breakfast over, Dad brought the sleigh up to the back door and we all piled in but him. He had to stay to do more chores.

We went to Montrose, twenty two miles away, to see relatives and then on to the pageant that the people in Montrose were putting on. It was a beautiful ride and I enjoyed every minute of it.

We arrived in Montrose about noon. There were the the usual hugs and kisses, Merry Christmases, my how you’ve grown, and that kind of stuff. Then we went downtown.

WOW! There were more lights than I had ever seen before. Every store had lights strung up in their windows, winking and blinking! On main street there was the biggest, most beautiful tree I had ever seen, right smack in the middle of the street. It had lights strung clear from the bottom to the top.

Then we visited some more relatives and headed for the pageant.

Mother had read us the story about Baby Jesus but we had never seen it played. I sat through it spellbound!

The whole town must have turned out. After the play was over everybody talked and visited with one another. A wonderful bunch of people.

Then we heard bells ringing and I turned to see Santa Claus coming through the door with a huge sack on his back, followed by two elves who also carried enormous bags.

“Well folks,” he said, as he let his bag rest on a table, “I’m really in a hurry. I have so much territory to cover. So I’ll pass these gifts out as quick as I can. Where is Mary Lou Johnson? Here is her little gift.”

Then he started calling out names so fast you just wouldn’t believe he could keep up with himself. A group sitting in the front rows started helping pass out all the packages.

Can you believe every kid in that huge building got a sack of candy and nuts, and an orange, which was awfully scarce, and a brand new red wool cap?

I couldn’t believe it. I wondered about it for years; then learned that our aunt had donated to the cause.

The next day, Aunt Mayme called us all together and handed us all a gift a piece. Mine was the most beautiful doll you ever saw. It had a China head, hands and feet. All my dolls up until then had been stuffed, handmade ones. They were nice … but nothing to compare to this doll!

After a huge dinner, complete with turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie, we all piled  back into the sleigh and headed home.

I was the happiest kid on the block.

That was the most unforgettable Christmas for me.


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