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Yesterday’s Magazette is like drinking a good cup of coffee … I want more of it.

Thank you again,

Ingeborg Knight


Thank you for printing my story First Year Teacher. I couldn’t leave my computer until I had read every one of the essays. What a great publication.

Barbara Ledford Wright


Thank you again for publishing my work, “Red Wigglers,” and “Southern Contentment.” It pleases me to have them in such a wholesome magazine.

Glenda Barrett


Dear Mr. Burke,

Couldn’t believe I found you!  25 years ago you published one of my articles, “A Lesson At The Ice Cream Parlor”.  Grateful to find you.  Keep up the good work. I love your YM stories.

Sheron Jordan



Thanks for publishing Yesterday’s Magazette.  I’ve really enjoyed the articles.

Kathleen Brammall


Wow! I just wandered around on your website and read your story about meeting Harry. Wonderful!

Laurence Harmon


I subscribed to YM last night and will enjoy seeing subsequent issues. It’s a very special magazine. I’ve seen a few other memoir periodicals, but I haven’t seen any quite like this one.

Kirsten Russell


Simply put, I love YESTERDAY’S MAGAZETTE.  Thank you for putting something like this out … there is nothing quite like it … a real treasure.  I eagerly anticipate each and every issue.  When it comes I wait till my family is safely tucked away upstairs for the night, get myself a big glass of iced tea, sit back and begin my walk down a nostalgic road that the younger generation does not know exists.

Beth Vick


I’m delighted that my article, From the Porch Swing, was in your last issue.

Annie Laura Smith


There are many great stories in your magazette. It will take some time to read all of them. Thanks for a great online magazine.

Dan Johnson


I do enjoy your magazine.

Carol Greenberg


Thank you very much for accepting my story.  I will look forward to seeing it in YM.

Brenda Kay Ledford


The format of your magazine is so elegantly designed (rivaling many of the print magazines in its layout) that it’s a joy to be part of your publishing history. Thank you for the chance out to the masses.

Richard Ong

Scarborough, ON, Canada


Thanks for a great online magazine.

Daniel Johnson


Tears are still running down my cheeks after reading “Jimmy Was No Saint.”

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

Marion Tickner


I grew up with Marion.  She always had a great imagination and even then was writing.  I enjoy reading some of her work and am proud that she has had it published in your magazine.

Mary G. Armstrong


Ned, I’m so glad to see that YM is back! Many years ago, you printed one of my stories about tossing cans into a neighbor’s yard. I was thrilled to see it in print…and I’ve gone on to become a freelance writer since then, and make a huge move to the hinterlands (Minnesota)!

I’m glad to have found YM again!

Natalie Miller Rotunda


HI… a writer friend of mine sent me the address site for Yesterday’s Magazette…and he said he was sure I would enjoy it…and I am … and will even more. There is a LOT to enjoy…and I plan to. You are a very busy man … I look forward to doing more checking out of your other links. I also plan to submit a story or two to YM and maybe include some photos. That would be fun.

Mary Tracy  (Appleton WI)


You have done your usual careful and professional job of editing; it’s a delightful read. I have to admit I’m jealous of your internet capabilities.

Ruth Brookshire, Weeds Corner

Vol. 36 No. 4 – Yesterday’s Magazette – Winter – 2009-2010


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  1. Thanks for publising my three articles.
    Volunteer/Stepshildren, 1998. My First Train Ride, Fall 2009, and A new Beginning, Winter 2009-2010. I feel like a real writer. Eventually I hope to send you another story titled “The Inbetween”
    I love Yesterday’s Magazette, and hope it will go on forever Thanks again
    Sincerely, Vada Williams/Dade Cunningham

    Comment by vada n. williams — December 2, 2009 @ 12:00 am | Reply

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