Yesterday's Magazette

BACK COVER – Fall 2010

Experts scoffed at my idea of a magazine devoted solely to personal essays and individual memories …

… then the first issue came out.

That was 37 years ago. And I’m happy to report that Yesterday’s Magazette is still around, and still preserving personal essays of the past online at
For those of you who have never read nor subscribed to “The Original Magazine of Memories Since 1973,” you now have the unique opportunity to do so. And, get this: it’s absolutely FREE!

Thanks to the world Internet, Yesterday’s Magazette now reaches every corner of the globe, from Baltimore to Bangladesh. And regardless of cultural differences, we all seem to share similar memories from our past. Many come from childhood, when life offered us so much hope. Others, from our turbulent teen years with all its complexities. Some are adult memories etched in our minds, never to be forgotten.

I believe sharing your memories with others is good for you. It clears your mind and embellishes your soul. Besides, it makes you proud to relate your life experiences. It imprints forever your existence here on earth.

YM has always believed that “Everyone Has a Yesterday” and everyone has a memory to share. It’s a human-bonding ritual that brings us all closer together, knowing we have these memories in common.

Tennessee Williams once wrote: “Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going.”

Today, the “present moment” flies by so fast we are lucky to even see it, let alone “catch it going.” We live our lives in a constant laser-light show of flickering sensations, with little substance or duration. Here today … gone tomorrow! is the rallying cry of modern life. And this is sad.

But perhaps Yesterday’s Magazette can help. Why not slow down and take a look at this magazine of memories now? You can find it online at:

Read it. Subscribe. And then share your memories with the world.

After all, isn’t that why we are all here? To leave our mark?

(E. P. Ned Burke is president  of E. P. Burke Publishing and online editor of Yesterday’s Magazette and The Perspiring Writer Magazine and owner of many websites, including Burke E-Books Site, Ebooks On Writing, Ebooks For Marketeers, The eBay Book Nook Depot, E-Books For Writers Depot Store, and other sites.)

Vol. 37 No. 3 – Yesterday’s Magazette – Fall – 2010


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