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January 1, 2013

Yesterday’s Magazette Bids Farewell After 40 Years!

Editor E. P. Ned Burke and Contributing Editors Madonna Dries Christensen, Marshall J. Cook and Carrillee Collins Burke here to let you know that the YM 2013 Issue is now available FREE on our main website at as well as the condensed version right here.

To download a FREE digital e-book edition of this issue or to purchase the glossy printed magazine, go to:  

It has been a joy for me to produce this nostalgia magazine for the past forty years. Since 1973, Yesterday’s Magazette has preserved thousands of individual memories.

But now it is time to say goodbye.

Thank you for your support and friendship. I hope you will continue to be kind to one another.

Thanks for all the memories!


E. P. Ned Burke (YM editor/founder)

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December 24, 2012

Yesterday’s Magazette 1973 – 2013


May 1, 2012

Yesterday’s Magazette Free Online and Digital Edition

Since 1973, this “Original Magazine of Memories” has taken you back to the thirsty 20s, the thrifty 30s, the fervent 40s, the fabulous 50s, the sensual 60s and the sequined 70s. YM has printed a multitude of memories from Vaudeville to Elvis.

Remember Mom in the kitchen cooking that fabulous holiday meal? Or, Dad taking the entire family for a Sunday ride in his new car? Or, Sis getting ready for her prom date? Your first car? Your first job? Your favorite holiday memory? Remember neighbors helping neighbors? YM readers remembered and they shared their stories with me and the world.

Since the very beginning, Yesterday’s Magazette has been about one thing: SHARING MEMORIES. For four decades YM has helped readers recapture that down-home honesty and goodness of the average American citizen with regularly printed issues. Nothing fancy … just plain folks who wanted to relate their own life experiences.

Yesterday’s Magazette’s motto has always been “Everyone Has A Yesterday” and I still believe everyone, regardless of age, has a cherished memory worth publishing. And, thankfully, YM has preserved thousands of these memories for posterity.

This has been a noble endeavor and I thank each and every YM reader who has contributed to this worthy cause. I hope all of you will continue to share your memories, if not within these pages then in another publication or in a book of your own. Future generations will thank you and be forever in your debt. And your life, or at least a small part of it, will live on for all eternity.

* Click below to see our current printed edition:

* Click below to view our current free online edition:

After more than 40 years of producing magazines and newspapers and meeting deadlines on a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly schedule, I guess it is time for me to slow down a little and try to catch up on my own writing, art, music, and maybe even improve my golf game. (Scratch that last item. That would be an attempt in futility.)

Anyway, my nostalgic love affair with producing Yesterday’s Magazette has truly been a long and glorious ride for me. Of course, my deepest gratitude goes out to my talented contributing editors, Madonna Dries Christensen, Marshall J. Cook, and Carrillee Collins Burke, as well as to the thousands who have shared their lives with me and YM’s legion of loyal readers.

Enjoy our current edition now and remember to visit our website often.

Well, that’s it for now. Take care, and don’t forget to be kind to one another. Who knows? Your simple act of kindness may help change the world.


E. P. Ned Burke (YM editor/founder)

September 1, 2011

Yesterday’s Magazette Fall Issue Has Arrived!

Remember when it was hard to sit still?

Yes, like little kids getting their first class picture taken, we know you can’t wait to read this new issue of Yesterday’s Magazette. So here it is!

Inside our current issue you can read about:

School Life in The 1940s 

Comments From Our Readers

A Teacher Who Made A Difference

Scars Of a First Year Teacher

The Day I Nearly Got Expelled

My Family Studies Fiasco

Ma Perkins: The Radio Voices of Our Lives

Service Station Smells and Love

Visiting Great-Grandma’s House

King Coop The Questionable

Turn The Light Down, Daddy

Fun At Atwood Lake

 Saturday Aromas From My Childhood

Lair of The Wasp

I Shook Hands With History

A Cemetery With A View

… and  more!

You can also visit our main website at or grab the free digital edition or our glossy printed magazine at

And don’t forget to tell your friends to sign up for a free subscription so they can read these nostalgic personal essays of the past as well.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy those days of yesteryear!

As always, I welcome your comments.

Well, that’s about it for now.

Have a super day, and like I always say, be kind to one another.

Take  care,


E. P. Ned Burke (YM editor/founder)

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December 1, 2010

Yesterday’s Magazette Winter Issue Is Here!

Happy Holidays!

Ned Burke here of Yesterday’s Magazette wishing you well and announcing the launch of our brand new winter issue.

And now you have 3 ways to enjoy YM!

☞ For our free online expanded version, go to:

☞ To view our e-book edition offer, go to:

☞ Or to grab a glossy printed 8 1/2″X11″keepsake magazine, go to:

Inside this current issue, you’ll find:

1. The Wonder of Christmas

2. Disappearing Toys

3. Christmas Eve Without Mama

4. A Memorable Church Visit

5. The Night I Saw Santa

6. The Christmas The Toys Came To Life

7. Restoring One Doll At A Time

8. A Feathered Phenomenon

9. Fantasy Comic Book Moment

10. Toboggan Ride

11. GrandDaddy Santy Claus

12. A Scottish Christmas

13. Purple Violets

14. A Very English Christmas

15. My Christmas Coat

.. and much more!

As always, I look forward to your comments and support.

Lastly, in the spirit of the season, I wish nothing but happy memories for you and yours.

Take care, and as I always say, be kind to one another.


E. P. Ned Burke
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September 1, 2010

Yesterday’s Magazette Fall 2010 Issue Is Here!

Our New Fall Issue Is Here!

Ned Burke here of Yesterday’s Magazette letting you know that the new fall issue of Yesterday’s Magazette is now live right here and at our main online site at

I know it may not look like fall outside for many of you right now but perhaps a reading of this issue, scanning the many pages of Yesterday’s Magazette, may be all you need to put a colorful glow in your heart.

Here is a sampling of what you will find in our new fall issue:

1. The Ghosts of Perry, Florida
2. Guest Editorial and Comments
3. A Green Thanksgiving
4. To Grandmother’s House
5. Walking Into Yesterday
6. Lillybelle and Patsy
7. Our Haunted House
8. The Little Man
9. Boy Scout’s Honor
10. Fishing Ol’ Miss
11. This Old House
12. Gathering Coal
13. The Old Curmudgeon
14. Universal Fear
15. The Ghost of Robert Burns
… and much more!

So sit back, relax, grab yourself a cup of hot chocolate or whatever and enjoy!

As always, we’ve set up this FREE issue of Yesterday’s Magazette to be user-friendly. Simply start with the FRONT COVER and click your way through the numbered pages to the BACK COVER, or skip around. It’s up to you.

Here’s hoping you’ll ignite a glow in your heart by showing kindness to another.



E. P. Ned Burke (YM editor/founder)

*Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

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November 14, 2009

Coming Soon! Our Winter/Holiday Issue

Our special winter/holiday issue

will arrive on December 1, 2009.

Bookmark this page now. You

don’t want to miss this one. It’s

going to be jammed with

Christmas memories and more!

July 26, 2008

The Fall 2008 Issue of YM Is Here!


EPNedBurke copy 1

E. P. Ned Burke

Experts scoffed at my idea of starting a magazine that would be devoted solely to the preservation of individual memories … Then the first issue of Yesterday’s Magazette came out …

Dear friend,

That was 35 years ago … and YM is still alive and kickin’.

Publishing “experts” said Yesterday’s Magazette would never last.

They said a retro magazine devoted to individual memories was a bad idea.

They said a lot of things 35 years ago.

But, as you can see, those “experts” were wrong.

Founded in 1973 as “The Original Magazine of Memories,Yesterday’s Magazette pioneered the concept of making memories. First, as a small tabloid paper, YM soon grew into a glossy magazine with readers from coast to coast.

Today, the new YM online magazine is showcased here on the wide wonderful world of the global Internet. Now your personal memories can reach everyone on Planet Earth!

What a thrilling time for YM … and what a great opportunity for you to make and share some memories.

So, do you want to be remembered? Okay then, here’s what you do:

FIRST: Subscribe right now. It’s FREE! And  no spam. Guaranteed. So don’t miss out on updates and future issues of YM. Subscribe!

NEXT: Read this current edition. (It’s user-friendly, much like our old printed version of YM.) Go to the Menu Bar and click on the Front Cover and then work your way through the numbered pages to the Back Cover, or skip around. It’s up to you.

LASTLY: Take time to COMMENT on this issue or on any article or story that moved you and then send us one of your memories. (Click on Submissions in the menu bar for details.)

Leave a part of yourself for posterity.

Believe me, your children and grandchildren and future generations will be forever in your debt. And think how proud you will be knowing that billions of people from all over the world will have the opportunity to read a small part of your life’s story.

Thanks for the memories,


E. P. Ned Burke

YM Editor/Founder

PS/ Space for accepted submissions is limited; so hurry and send us your story right now!

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