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February 28, 2011

Yesterday’s Magazette Spring Issue Is Here!

Ned Burke here of Yesterday’s Magazette announcing the launch of our new spring 2011 editions. (Don’t miss the Special Printed Offer below.)

Inside this issue, you’ll find:
1. Cupid Revisited
2. Latest News/Comments
3. Remembering An Ohio Theater and Inn
4. The Radio Voices of Our Lives
5. Something Old, Something New
6. Thrill Ride At The Fair
7. Uncle Otto’s Folk Art
8. Mom’s Gray Hair
9. A Special Supper
10. In Honor of Father and Mother “C”
11. A Boy In Flight
12. A Very Lucky Girl
13. “And For Your Penance …”
14. The Begorrah Menorah
15. Finding A Buried Treasure
… and much more!

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