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September 1, 2010

Yesterday’s Magazette Fall 2010 Issue Is Here!

Our New Fall Issue Is Here!

Ned Burke here of Yesterday’s Magazette letting you know that the new fall issue of Yesterday’s Magazette is now live right here and at our main online site at

I know it may not look like fall outside for many of you right now but perhaps a reading of this issue, scanning the many pages of Yesterday’s Magazette, may be all you need to put a colorful glow in your heart.

Here is a sampling of what you will find in our new fall issue:

1. The Ghosts of Perry, Florida
2. Guest Editorial and Comments
3. A Green Thanksgiving
4. To Grandmother’s House
5. Walking Into Yesterday
6. Lillybelle and Patsy
7. Our Haunted House
8. The Little Man
9. Boy Scout’s Honor
10. Fishing Ol’ Miss
11. This Old House
12. Gathering Coal
13. The Old Curmudgeon
14. Universal Fear
15. The Ghost of Robert Burns
… and much more!

So sit back, relax, grab yourself a cup of hot chocolate or whatever and enjoy!

As always, we’ve set up this FREE issue of Yesterday’s Magazette to be user-friendly. Simply start with the FRONT COVER and click your way through the numbered pages to the BACK COVER, or skip around. It’s up to you.

Here’s hoping you’ll ignite a glow in your heart by showing kindness to another.



E. P. Ned Burke (YM editor/founder)

*Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

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