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March 30, 2015

BEWARE: Yesterday’s Magazette is no longer associated with

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NOTICE: Someone is using my old domain name address and placing articles on their blog as “written by yesterdaysmagazette.” This is fraud. They were not written by me or yesterdaysmagazette or ever appeared in my old magazine or the url address that I discontinued two years ago. if you wish to see my real ym site go to:
It took me 40 years to build an excellent reputation for my copyrighted Yesterday’s Magazette and now somebody wants to use that name for his so-called blog which he doesn’t sign or even offer reader comments. Again: is no longer associated with me or my magazine or any information that appeared on my former website. It’s just somebody now using that same domain name for his or her advantage.


May 20, 2014

Nostalgia for Yesterday’s Magazette

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Feeling a twinge of nostalgia for my dear friend of forty years – Yesterday’s Magazette.

Thanks for all those memories!


May 26, 2010

YM Summer Issue Coming June 1st

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Yesterday’s Magazette will launch its summer issue right here!

Bookmark this page now or you may miss out on all these great personal essays about the past:

1. Riding The Rails West
3. The Wholesale Block
4. Dad Was My Rock
5. Fabulous Fragrances
6. Summertime Forever
7. Forbidden Sweets
8. Fleas In Summer
9. Remembering The Apollo Mission
10. All In The Name of Green
11. Remembering Mom
12. Hair-Raising Fun
13. Memorable Moments
14. It Happened One Summer
15. The Swimming Hole

… and much more!

March 11, 2010

Preserve your old photos

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Now there is a way to transfer your cherished family photos into an inexpensive e-book. And your memories will last forever! FREE 90-page sample Family Album E-Book.

January 19, 2010

Personal Essays Of The Past Wanted

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As the editor of Yesterday’s Magazette, “The  Original Magazine of Memories Since 1973,” I get to read and publish many personal essays about the past.

After 2009, I think we would all like to live in the past again. Right?

Well, one way to do that is to read Yesterday’s Magazette. Best of all, you can include your own personal memories. So, read our guidelines and send them to I’ll be looking for yours!

May 16, 2009

YM summer issue June 1st. Don’t miss it!

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More memories are on the way!

July 21, 2008

SnagFilms Film Widget

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Think you’re too old for politics? Think again! View this FREE video, courtesy of YM.

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