Yesterday's Magazette

July 26, 2008

The Fall 2008 Issue of YM Is Here!


EPNedBurke copy 1

E. P. Ned Burke

Experts scoffed at my idea of starting a magazine that would be devoted solely to the preservation of individual memories … Then the first issue of Yesterday’s Magazette came out …

Dear friend,

That was 35 years ago … and YM is still alive and kickin’.

Publishing “experts” said Yesterday’s Magazette would never last.

They said a retro magazine devoted to individual memories was a bad idea.

They said a lot of things 35 years ago.

But, as you can see, those “experts” were wrong.

Founded in 1973 as “The Original Magazine of Memories,Yesterday’s Magazette pioneered the concept of making memories. First, as a small tabloid paper, YM soon grew into a glossy magazine with readers from coast to coast.

Today, the new YM online magazine is showcased here on the wide wonderful world of the global Internet. Now your personal memories can reach everyone on Planet Earth!

What a thrilling time for YM … and what a great opportunity for you to make and share some memories.

So, do you want to be remembered? Okay then, here’s what you do:

FIRST: Subscribe right now. It’s FREE! And  no spam. Guaranteed. So don’t miss out on updates and future issues of YM. Subscribe!

NEXT: Read this current edition. (It’s user-friendly, much like our old printed version of YM.) Go to the Menu Bar and click on the Front Cover and then work your way through the numbered pages to the Back Cover, or skip around. It’s up to you.

LASTLY: Take time to COMMENT on this issue or on any article or story that moved you and then send us one of your memories. (Click on Submissions in the menu bar for details.)

Leave a part of yourself for posterity.

Believe me, your children and grandchildren and future generations will be forever in your debt. And think how proud you will be knowing that billions of people from all over the world will have the opportunity to read a small part of your life’s story.

Thanks for the memories,


E. P. Ned Burke

YM Editor/Founder

PS/ Space for accepted submissions is limited; so hurry and send us your story right now!


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