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January 8, 2008


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A 1960s Pennsylvania winter

(*We’ve set up our E-zine much like our old printed version of YM. You can start with the FRONT PAGE and click your way down through the numbered pages or scroll down (Near Bottom Right) to locate these pages beneath Winter 2007-2008.)

An Open Letter

Hello, friends:

Some of you asked why and when did I start Yesterday’s Magazette. Well, the concept for YM actually began in 1970 when I was working for my first weekly newspaper in Pennsylvania. I always loved nostalgia. As a child, I would sit for hours listening to my family tell tales about their yesterdays. So when I grew up and got a job on the local paper, it was natural for me to seek out older people with similar tales and write them up in the newspaper.

Wanting to share more memories, I talked the publisher into running a special Old Times supplement, complete with photos and stories. That issue proved to be the best selling edition he ever had. So I approached him again and said we should have a special Old Times supplement every week.

He laughed at the idea.

Three years later, however, I had the last laugh when I started my own weekly and included Yesterday as a supplement. I soon added the “Magazette” moniker by combining the words magazine and gazette to put across the idea that YM was a magazine, not a newspaper. Later, Yesterday’s Magazette went from a tabloid to a glossy magazine, but I liked the sound of Magazette and kept the name.

Like many small press publishers, I had to struggle to keep YM going but I so strongly believed (and still believe!) in the preservation of our individual memories that I forged ahead, often without any idea where the money was going to come from for the next issue. Ironically, many big slick magazines of that period are now gone but YM is still here and still preserving memories.

Not much has changed since I started my magazette in that cold, damp Pennsylvania basement in 1973. I still like to keep YM personal and folksy. Just like it’s always been. In today’s hectic high-speed computer age, the idea of slowing down and simply sharing your memories with others might seem a little weird and old-fashioned. But, believe me, future generations will thank you.

After 35 years, continuing with this crazy idea might be a sign of my stubbornness, or simply a lack of brain cells in my cranium. No matter, I intend to continue with “The Original Magazine of Memories” for as long as folks like you want to share your personal stories with me … and with the world.

So check out our easy guidelines and send in some of your cherished memories today!

I’ll be looking forward to reading them.

E. P. Ned Burke (editor/YM E-zine)


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